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10 Plastic Sorting & Recycling projects

As we look towards the circular economy to solve the plastic waste problem, the need for value chain collaborations has never been more important.

In this presentation, the Go Circular analytical team researched and created a list of value chain collaboration projects focusing on sorting & chemical and mechanical recycling of plastic announced in 2022.


The report includes the following projects:

  1. Sea the future
  2. PTL Processing plant in Dubai
  3. An advanced recycling facility in Bohlen (Germany)
  4. A molecular recycling facility in France
  5. Production of olefins and aromatics from plastic waste
  6. Sorting plant in Walldurn (Germany)
  7. U.S. Advanced recycling project
  8. New chemical recycling plant in Spain
  9. A chemical recycling facility in Japan
  10. Planeta recycling plant in Mexico
  11. Other announced projects


*All information in this report is based on publicly available sources. For any discrepancy, mistakes, or outdated information please, contact marketing@globuc.com