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Mastering feedstock characteristics and overcoming operational challenges in dosing for effective recycling processes

23 Mar 2023

3:00 PM (CET Time)

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Schenck Process is a leading global provider of equipment, integrated solutions, and services in mission-critical applications for bulk materials.

This online talk will address the challenges faced by the recycling industry in handling post-consumer waste feedstocks, particularly with focus on dosing process steps, and provide solutions to overcome them.

The talk will cover common feedstock handling issues such as inhomogeneous material characteristics, variability in material composition, and processing difficulties.

Strategies to prevent processing difficulties and improve process stability will be discussed, including the use of smart intelligence, as well as a guideline on the modifications to optimize efficiency.

The presentation will also highlight the importance of collaboration between stakeholders in the recycling industry, including material suppliers, processors, technology providers and end-users, to ensure the successful handling of post-consumer waste feedstocks.

Overall, this talk aims to provide practical guidance for those involved in the recycling industry, to overcome the challenges associated with feedstock handling and promote sustainable material recovery.

Frederik Hanss
Industry Sales and Application Manager