Go Circular!
Brand owner pass


Go Circular!
Brand owner pass

Go Circular! brings together the entire value chain from the (petro)chemical companies to the key brand owners. To help brand owner companies learn more about circularity and discover the business opportunities in the sector we provide a 50 free passes for professionals involved in sustainability and recycling.

Who is this package for?

An employee of a brand owner company, producer of consumer goods involved in implementing circular solutions as their business role

How to register for the event:

Fill in the form on the right side to register - we will get back to you with a confirmation.

What is included in the pass:

 Watch any talk live during the 2 days conference

 Visit our virtual exhibition during the breaks

 Network via chat or video conferencing

 Access to the attendee list and networking tools 3 days before the conference

Access to interactive virtual round tables and brainstorming sessions

 Watch back any talk on-demand if you miss it

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Closed Loop Partners says it welcomed a number of new investors, including Microsoft, and received additional commitments from existing investors, such as Nestlé.
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Polyethele film containing Polymateria’s Biotransfromation masterbatch is recyclable within normal mechanical recycling streams.
A new circular economy centre will be launched in the UK
The Circular Revolution is described as being ‘the first business-led hub in the UK focused on circular thinking
Unesda foresees boost in PET recyclability by 2030
Circular Packaging Vision 2030, according to Unesda, includes 90 percent collection of all packaging for recycling.
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InstaFreight has been contracted to organize transportation of Shell.
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