Virtual stand

Virtual events provide completely new opportunities for exhibitors to reach their goals. It is not only about powerful digital branding tools, but it is also about generating warm leads and connecting with the highly targeted audience.


€ 2 500
A virtual exhibition stand + 4 delegates passes
  • A virtual eBooth branded with your company logo and description. Add your product video, create a material bank, and connect with people interested in your products. Post a concrete call-to-action generate inbound meeting and have a live demo or a presentation.
  • 2 push-up notifications with a customizable offer on behalf of your company to the conference attendees
  • Full marketing, branding and PR support before, during and after the event (2 website news posts announcing your company involvement, social media promotion – 2 posts on LinkedIn)
  • 4 delegate passes for your company staff and clients
  • Detailed data of ROI: delegate interactions with your stand, live streaming, and meetings. The full report will be sent in 1 week after the event.


  • No need to travel and pay for the facilities
  • Our team is responsible for uploading your marketing materials and making up the exhibition stand
  • Everything quantifiable and trackable! A detailed report on all of your marketing activities during the event
  • Quicker and cheaper! It takes less time to make everything ready, cost you less and you reach your goals from the comfort of your office or home




Get in touch with me to arrange the platform demo and see how you can benefit from the platform lead generation tools.

Sponsorship Manager