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Energy 4.0 : Powering A Sustainable Energy Transition on Digital Solutions

05 APRIL 2023

2 PM (UK Time) | 3 PM (CET Time)

In partnership with

The green energy transition is already a reality, and the digitalisation of energy and fast adoption of renewable energy sources are pivotal to decarbonize the economy and committing to the global Net Zero strategy.

The session will delve into the best strategies to incorporate green elements in the business models and, explore the challenges associated with decentralisation of energy in security of supply, efficiency in the integration of various distributed energy resources, management of intermittency through storage, data protection, and information privacy.

It will also focus on the key enablers of the new energy transition such as the aggregation of digital mechanisms and how choosing the right partners are key enablers for this transition.

It will touch upon noteworthy aspects like the role of innovation in energy transition and the role of digital technologies in making energy systems more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable, and sustainable in the nearest future.


  • Debarupa Das, Global Head, Electrification and Battery, Tata Consultancy Services