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Reasons to attend

There are a lot of digital solutions in the market for the energy market. 

It is hard to choose the ones that will bring the most business value to an energy company or choose those solutions which will address real challenges which the industry faces right now: energy security, cost of energy, and energy transition.

Since 2017 we have been creating business value for the industry players by providing a platform to address the hottest digitalization issues in energy beyond the hype and empty talks.



/ taking a pragmatic approach to digital transformation – solving key industry challenges (energy cost, supply security, and emissions reduction) with digital solutions presented by well-established technology companies 


/ showcasing practical case studies on implementing digital solutions across the whole energy sector (oil & gas, renewables and chemicals)


/ covering the most challenging issues related to their implementation – practical insights and use cases


You wouldn’t go empty-handed. Nothing but concrete ideas, practical insights, and actionable strategies that are always focused on results — best practices you can implement immediately.

Our team on-site will make sure you meet the right people, get practical advice, and make new meaningful connections.

Focus on solutions

We take a pragmatic approach to digital solutions and talk only about the digital tools that bring the most business value and can solve current industry challenges like decarbonisation or supply security.

The agenda is focused on the business needs of the energy sector.

No hype or sales pitches!

There is no green without digital

Digitalisation and data-centric operating processes are critical to achieving net-zero.

Digital transformation creates new opportunities to optimise energy use and decrease emissions.

That is why the 2024 agenda will look at all kinds of innovative ways of digitalising decarbonisation.

Community Feel

A wide spread of senior job titles responsible for digital transformation, sustainability and innovation + just the right event size (not too big, not too small).

A like-minded environment and loads of peers that you can learn from and get inspired by!