How can I register?

The registration process may be completed online or by completing a Pdf registration form requested from customer_service@globuc.com

What are the prices?

The prices can be found on the web-page of each conference under the section “PRICES”.

Do you have any discounts available?

If you register 3 delegates, 10% discount will apply. For flash-sales and special offers refer to the Prices page.

What are the exhibition stand specifications?

3m x 2m exhibition stand. Wi-fi, electricity points, table and 2 chares to be provided for the exhibition stand. Led Screen can be provided upon request.

What happens if I registered and can’t make it to the conference?

If you cannot come to the conference, please let us know at customer_service@globuc.com

If the participation fee has been paid already and cancellation is made less than 30 days before the conference start, we cannot make a refund. If the cancellation is made more than 30 days before the conference start, the fee is a subject to the 50% administration charge.

Can I hand my conference pass to a colleague if I cannot come?

Yes, you can. We will ask you to fill in the form with the details of a new attendant. Please let us know at customer_service@globuc.com

Can we get original documents (contract, act & invoice) at the event?

We usually provide original documents to the participants at the registration desk before the conference start. If you were not given, please ask on the registration desk during the conference time.

What if I need my business trip formalities to be signed by your management?

Please leave the documents with our team at the registration desk and collect it at the end of the conference day.

Is the accommodation included in the package?

Accommodation is not included in the package.

How do I book a hotel at a special price?

If you have already registered at the conference, we will send you the room reservation form which has to be forwarded to the hotel representatives.

Can you book hotel rooms for us?

Unfortunately, we cannot book a room for you. We will provide all the necessary information, what will make a room reservation process easier.

The list of alternative hotels?

Please contact us on customer_service@globuc.com for the list of alternative hotels.

How far alternative hotels are from the venue?

We choose alternative hotels a maximum of 15 minutes’ walk from the place where the conference is going to be held. Once you receive alternative hotels’ list, the distance will be specified there.

Can you arrange transfer from airport and back?

We can suggest transport for transfer. Please contact us at customer_service@globuc.com

Can we pay cash for hotel booking on arrival?

Yes, you can pay by cash. However, details of the bank card should be specified on the reservation form for the hotel’s security.

Do we have to pay a deposit for hotel booking?

No, the deposit is not required.

Why do we need to provide bank card details upon the room reservation?

It is required for hotel security. The card won’t be charged without your permission.

Could you send me the conference agenda?

Conference Agenda can be found on the web-page of each conference in the section “AGENDA”.

Can you help with Visa?

Usually, we suggest applying for the tourist Visa as it is easier to obtain.

If the conference is held in the EU, we can provide an invitation letter. Please contact us at customer_service@globuc.com.

If the conference is held in CIS countries, we cannot provide an invitation letter. However, we can provide guidelines on how to obtain a Visa.

When conference materials (presentations, photos) will be available?

Every conference participant will receive materials within the week after the conference.

Can you provide phone numbers of organizers onsite?

If you are registered, one week before the conference you will receive the guidelines with the main points of the conference. There you will find contact details of our team on-site.

When and where registration starts on-site?

Registration starts at 8:00 am. The registration desk is located on the way to the conference room.

Please be aware that we will ask you to provide your business card.

What is the dress code of conference/gala dinner?

The dress code is smart casual.

Can you help to arrange meetings?

You can arrange meetings via the mobile app which is available for participants from one week prior to the conference. Our team on-site can help you meet the right people as well.

Will there be special area/rooms for private meetings?

Yes, there will be an area for private meetings.

Can you help with interpreters during private meetings?

There will be interpreters on site who will be able to help during the coffee breaks or lunch. However, we cannot guarantee their assistance.

If you contact us before the conference, we can suggest you interpreters, but you will have to contact them directly.

What information mobile application holds?

Mobile application gives you access to the detailed list of the participants and provides an opportunity to contact them. Also, you will find there the most updated agenda and interactive functions.

How can I access the mobile app?

If you are registered, the link for downloading with the unique ID code will be sent to you one week prior to the conference.

What is the attendee list?

If you would like to see an attendee list, please let us know at customer_service@globuc.com

Can we get an attendee list with names and contact information?

Due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), from 25 May 2018, we are not allowed to extract personal data and provide it to anyone. Although, we give our participants to see the list with names in the mobile application with the opportunity to contact them.