8th Edition
248 Delegates
15% End Users
40% Lubricant Producers
78% Returning Delegates

The Russian market is growing, and the country is moving towards more refined base oils and higher quality lubricants. That is why one of the key topics of the 7th CIS Base Oil & Lubricants conference is the transition from Group 1 to Groups 2 and 3 in Russia, and its impact on pricing, market trends and end-users’ requirements. The event was organized in partnership with Rosneft Lubricnats

40% Lubricant Producers
15% End Users
13% Additives Producers
10% Base Oils Producers
9% Traders / Distributors
8% Greases / Waxes
5% Other
25% Business Development
24% Head of Department
19% Sales Managers
15% CEO, Directors
8% Production Managers
9% Other